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Living Areas

Your home is your retreat from the world. It's where you put your feet up at the end of the day and spend time with family and friends. Whether it's your living room, outdoor kitchen, media room, kid's playroom or home office, our goal is to help you create an amazing space perfectly tailored to your lifestyle and design preferences.

Depending on your existing layout and vision for your new space, living spaces that are functional and well designed can be created from existing space or through a home addition.


If you are thinking about adding to your home, it's important that your existing home blend with the new areas. Making sure the structure of the home remains intact or is enhanced is another key consideration. Our experienced home improvement specialists work diligently to ensure a seamless flow between new and existing areas while preserving the long term durability of the addition.

Some of our addition specialties include:

  • Sun room
  • Garage conversion
  • Second story addition
  • Bedroom addition
  • Bathroom addition
  • Master suite
  • Living room addition
  • Additional kitchen



Outdoor living

Sunny skies, warm weather and canyon views make outdoor living spaces are very popular in San Antonio and Central Texas. From outdoor kitchens and custom decks to covered patios and misting systems, Hill Bros. can help you create a beautiful space to enjoy the outdoors.

Specialty Rooms

Designing a great space for some of your favorite things comes naturally to us. Whether your vision is an elegant home theater, a man cave fit for a king, a creatively inspiring craft room, a fun playroom with ample toy storage or something uniquely you, we can help you create that special room all of your own.

Tips for Creating Comfortable Living Spaces:

Create better traffic flow: thoughtful design connects spaces in a logical way, so think about how you use the space- do you entertain, or need to keep an eye on the kids while you're cooking? [video]

Change your viewpoint: make your existing space feel more open by removing walls that block your view [video]

Get creative with unused space: tall ceilings can be enclosed to create a bonus room without adding on [video]


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"Renovation on my home began the last part of August. The entire first floor of my home was gutted, floor to ceiling, down to the studs, struts and concrete. We took out walls and redesigned the kitchen. I moved back in the last week of November. It is like having a new house without the bother of moving. The renovation experience was truly delightful. Everything was on time, done beautifully, and the workers who were in my home over the weeks were very professional and polite. I really enjoyed it all."


Ms. Golden




"Just wanted to say thanks again for doing such a great job on our house. We've received a lot of great compliments on the house and the great detail in the work that was done out of the ordinary. No issues at all. We've been glad about our choice of builders all along, but have become more aware of what a good job you did as we watch [another home] being built next door. We almost went with that builder due to cost but now see why you had to be a little higher for the quality...We appreciate the great job, quality and personal attention you gave to it."

Mr. and Mrs. Winter




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