Elements of an Updated Kitchen

Removing outdated features can really change the way a kitchen looks and feels. Here are a few of the most common elements we see and how they can be updated to create a more modern space:

Elements of Dated Kitchens


  1. Acoustical “popcorn” ceilings – scrape the ceilings and retexture with a smoother finish
  2. Dated light fixtures - replace flourescent lighting and dated fixtures with a combination of general and task lighting (i.e., recessed lights on dimmers and pendant lights) for plenty of lighting options
  3. Furr downs (lowered part of ceiling) – remove this extra section of wall and add cabinets that extend to the ceiling to create a longer visual line
  4. Wallpaper – replace wallpaper with an interesting backsplash to add warmth and depth
  5. Laminate countertops- replace laminate with a solid surface like granite or silestone that is more stain resistant and easier to cleanUpdated Kitchen Design